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Several weeks ago, I decided to take a walk. With my luck, I found a quaint little transitional space on 10th street. The space was a part of an antique store which I could not enter at the time due to their closing hours. I revisited the space days later and with the help of my model, May, and permission from the antique store owners, I was able to capture the necessary photos I desired to showcase that the three staircases essentially led to nothing.

I opted for the traditional comic book layout to make sure the sequence was easy to read. I took notes from the readings previously given and made sure my boxes were spaced tightly to signify a short amount of time and excitement.

The reading process is registered in this way —
1. What May sees.
2. How May gets there.

I utilized thought bubbles to display what was going on in May’s mind to help the reader understand that May was as confused as I was when I paid this place a visit.

Overall, (in my opinion) this project was a success. I appreciate this project due to the fact that it increased my knowledge of InDesign and it also took just the right amount of time to create what my vision was.

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