Museum of the Moving Image

The Studio class trip to the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria was beyond cool. I learned a lot of things about how movies were put together and how optical illusions were utilized to make images seem like they were moving.

One piece that caught my eye, as well as many others, was the Feral Fount by Gregory Barsamian. This installation was a commissioned piece that, according to the museum’s website, is “a stroboscopic zeotrope using 97 sculptures rotating on an armature to create a short animation”. In simpler words, Barsamian spun a bunch of objects and used strobe lighting to make the objects seem as though they  were animated and moving.

Overall, I loved this installation the most. The Feral Fount forced me to think about how it was made and almost gave me a seizure from staring at it for too long. It was both bewitching and terrifying which made me adore it even more.


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