Final Project

For this project, we had to create a website that brought us into a space and took us around the area. I was more than confused by the assignment and didn’t fully understand what was being asked of me. Others who had taken this class before had created some very interesting final projects and I wanted mine to be as equally interesting and engaging.

At first, I was planning on doing a store across the street from the University Center but it was hard for me to record things without seeming like I was invading someone’s privacy. I decided to go with Plan B which was the children’s park in Union Square. I wanted to do this place because it was something that no one else in the class was doing. I wanted to bring the viewers back into a time when everything was stress-free and all you had to worry about was what time your parents were going to take you to the playground.

I feel as though I captured the feeling of being churlish very well in the website and the activities. I wanted the website to be simple and clear, like a child could do what I asked of them. On the website, I had people go down slides and climb the various mounds in the children’s park. Stress-free and not thinking of finals was the main goal.

I was surprised to hear that people actually liked my website. I thought the idea would fly over their heads and not be as engaging as they expected it to be. I surprised myself and my classmates in a way.



*** In the group I was placed in, I was not able to engage in their websites because I was not allowed into their dorm building. However, I did go to Ivana’s location and Lillian’s location. I really liked Ivana’s site because they place only made sense if you were there at that time. The Christmas market closes eventually so it only made sense to the viewer in this specific period. I chose cold for one of the options and I liked how it engaged me to get a hot chocolate. I liked Lillian’s site because I liked how raw it was. I also liked how I was playing a game of chance. Maybe one thing I would add is that when I picked chance, it would take me somewhere else ***

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