Observation Assignment #1

This was the first assignment given in my Space & Materiality class. The assignment entails to “spot and collect the faces, animals, letter forms, numbers, geometric shapes, etc. that are created by: wear, repair, time, decay, spillage, breakage, update, replacement, light, shadow, rain or snow” and to glue them into our sketchbook.

I was excited for this assignment because I always see something strange in everything. The most difficult part of this assignment was to take photos of these things. Seeing these things were just a second thought to me and I would frequently forget to take a photo.

After seeing what my other classmates had, I noticed we all generally had the same idea. One thing I noticed though is that I tended to focus on the littler things. The tiny details in a bigger picture that someone wouldn’t have been able to notice on first glance was what caught my attention the most and those are the things I decided to document.

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