Personal Symbol – Ring

The moodboard I created had a lot to do with love in the world and a separate category of time going by too quickly. I wanted to create a personal symbol which incorporated those two things so I chose to craft a ring with a design that looked like the hands of a clock.


My sketches stayed true to my original idea and eventually it all came to life. I wanted this assignment to help me familiarize myself with the tools in the making center so I chose to make my ring enormous and out of wood. I then created a mock up using chipboard.

After the chipboard mockup, I got to work using the wood. I cut out edges from long flat pieces of wood and drilled a hole in each of them for a dowel to go through. I then purchased a large block of wood and drew two circles on them using a compass technique with yarn. I went into the wood shop and cut out the circle using the sawing machine and the jigsaw for the inside. As soon as I cut out the circle, I drilled a hole for the dowel to go in. I measured and cut the dowel to fit perfectly with the circle and wood strips.

The final product turned out like this.

I was satisfied with the way my ring turned out because it was simple and I used a lot of the tools available to me in the Making Center. The wooden strips were able to move with the help of the dowel and I constructed something I was proud of. My vision came to life and I think it was a perfect personal symbol.

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