Major Creative Work – Climate & Energy

For one week we have to make one or more changes to reduce our own energy use and greenhouse gas emissions based on the carbon footprint we had calculated before.

I decided my change for the week should be something small because my energy consumption is already at a fairly low amount. So with that in mind coming up with a change I could implement for the week wasn’t that difficult. At first I was going to do turning off the lights and appliances every time I left the room but that’s something I only struggle with at home. Kerrey Hall is very energy efficient in the way that if you’re not in the room the lights and the air conditioning turn off so I had to figure out another way I could conserve energy. Something I still struggle with is unplugging or turning off my electronics when they’re not being used. I always keep my laptop running instead of turning it off and I also charge all my electronics over night which made me realize that energy is being used an extra amount. So for one week I decided to make unplugging unused cords and reducing electronic energy my goal. (Another small thing I decided to implement was to stop drinking bottled water.)

Day 1. First I started with unplugging the cords from sockets I didn’t need. I realized I had a few unused cords just plugged into the wall which I hadn’t even touched since the fall semester. I charged my laptop and phone during the night while I did my homework and once everything was fully charged, I pulled out the plugs and went to sleep. I had a reusable water bottle sitting on my desk for a while now so I cleaned that out and drank water instead of buying bottled water every day.

Day 2. I thought I’d be bothered by the changes I had to make but they were so minuscule and easy to adapt to so I didn’t really have any sort of issue. My laptop and phone were fully charged for the day and nothing was different. Whenever I needed to charge anything during the day I plugged it in for the duration of the charging and plugged it out when I didn’t need it anymore. I also repeated the same process that I did the night before.

Day 3. Same

Day 4. Same

Day 5. Same

Day 6. Same

Conclusion: It’s much easier to make little changes over a long course of time to reduce your energy. I feel as though trying to do a 180 and change your entire lifestyle is fairly hard to do. However implementing small changes like unplugging your cords and drinking out of a reusable bottle can make a collective difference.

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