Moodboard for Project #2

The mood board I created was a compilation of pictures that spoke to my meaning of community which was freedom. When you are in a community you have the right to your freedom in some way shape or form. The town I grew up in was heavily populated by Asians and there was always some sort of pressure for them to do well in whatever their parents wanted them to do. I felt sort of out of place in this community because my parents let me have the freedom to do whatever I wanted to pursue.

I chose freedom as my community because it played a huge part in my formative years. I grew up being more open minded to other options instead of worrying about the best grade or being the best in my class. Those aren’t necessarily terrible things to aim for but I’ve adopted this ability to strive for success myself instead of having someone force it on me.

For this second project I want to create a wearable object that will speak to the ones like me who felt a little out of place growing up because of the lack in restraining power and the ones who were able to express freedom in whatever way they chose.

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