Project 2 Proposals

I want my entire second project to embrace freedom as noted from my moodboard. My parents always let me have the freedom to do whatever I pleased when it came to academics and my goals so I wanted to have a play on what I like and what I’ve always been interested in making.

This first design I came up with were a pair of wings. It’s quite and easy concept to grasp because wings are a universal symbol of freedom and strength. It was the first idea that came to my head for that reason.

The next idea I had was a pair of very loose fitting pants. I chose pants because they were also a symbol of “fashion freedom” in the world. Women weren’t allowed to wear pants/trousers. Some woman even had to go to court in the late 1910s because she wore trousers. The only thing women wanted was to have the freedom to choose what they wanted to wear. Such a simple piece of clothing we barely think about today which caused so much controversy in the past. I wanted to create a pair of loose pants that I could wear any time of day for whatever occasion. I have some sewing experience but I am definitely not at an expert level so I feel as though this would be a challenge for me.

The last idea isn’t particularly my favorite one but it’s something that has potential. I was walking around Chelsea Market and I saw that so many different people carried tote bags with different sayings on them. Most of them were quotes from presumably their favorite authors or historic figures so I thought I could turn that idea into my own and create a tote bag out of a sustainable fabric with a freedom quote on it. I thought this was a funny idea because in previous years I would think about how light my bag was because I wasn’t carrying as many books as my classmates.

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