The HQD Box e-cigarette is a disposable, pod-device that you can use for vaping. The device is wholly self-integrated, and features auto-activation and a buttonless design. The battery is internal and uses automatic activation. You only have to start vaping in order to activate the device. There are 17 different flavors that are available for the device.

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Users can choose 50mg nicotine strength option which offers users twenty unique flavors. The battery combined with the flavor pod can last for up to 4000 puffs, after which users can dispose of the unit.

A Closer Look at the HQD Box 4000

The HQD Box stands at 86mm and is 41mm across. The form factor resembles a lot of other disposable vape pods. The edges of the HQD Box are smooth, and there is no discernible mouthpiece, neither are there other parts of the device that stick out. It is a very streamlined design.

The HQD Box 4000 is a compact and attractive little device. It resembles a small wine bag. It is made of PCTG plastic with glossy parts on the top (mouthpiece) and bottom contrasting with the matte finish around the body. The colorways look attractive and are reminiscent of a variety of flavors. While I’m not a fan of high-profile colors, they are still classy.

The device has a small footprint despite housing so much eliquid. It’s only 86 mm x 23 mm x 41 mm. Considering the “mega” disposables shaped like mechanical mods that hold less juice than these, I’d say HQD vapes Box hit a home run with the capacity and size of these devices.


The HQD Box 4000 features an internal 1500mAh battery that powers the device for up to 3500~4000 puffs depending on usage habits. The battery is not rechargeable, and once it is done, users can toss the device. There are some reports that the battery runs out before the e-juice runs out, but that was not the case with the ones we received for review.

E-Juice Pod

This e-cig has an internal 10ml e-liquid pod that is not refillable. All the device’s components are integrated into the build of the device, and they are not accessible.

In this process, curious vapers could break open the shell to find out what’s inside and refill their pods to no avail. It would be easier, on the whole, to just get a new e-cig.

What are the best HQD Box flavours?

While it is very subjective, I think the best HQD Box flavors are their fresh berry and grape flavors, especially their tropical mango. Their strawberry watermelon and peach ice flavors are top notch. Juicy, bright, and flavorful. Generally speaking, these flavors have a lot of character. Here are the top 5 flavors I have tried.

  • Cherry pomegranate: It was a very surprising flavor that I hadn’t seen when I tried other e-cigarettes, it was particularly new and you probably can’t imagine the amazing feeling of being able to enjoy the cherry flavor while vaping.
  • Fresh berries: This is a very classic flavor, a variety of sweet and sour fruit combined with the flavor, no matter what the electronic cigarette, the beginning of the choice of this flavor always can not go wrong.
  • Tropical mango: Succulent, juicy, sweet, and refreshing. A perfect blend of fruity flavors with enough cooling sensation to amplify the flavors without turning into ice. Really good.
  • Strawberry Watermelon: Sweet, tangy, and a little tart. Minimal cooling. This is a well-balanced melon juice with loads of flavor. It’s hard to pick out the individual melons, but it’s fun trying.
  • Red ice: A sweet and juicy strawberry with a velvety smoothness of cream. Light cooling.


The HQD Box is an average, mouth-to-lung device that provides tasty vapor. The vapor production and draw resistance are quick, and the unit does not lag when in use. You’re able to get great flavor profiles depending on the type of material and enough airflow. All you need to do is draw on it and enjoy a flavorful hit!


Device Details:

  • Size: 41 x 23 x 86mm
  • Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
  • Power Range: 7~12W
  • Puff Count: 4000
  • Input Voltage: 3.7V
  • E-liquid Capacity: 10ml
  • Resistance: 1.4Ω

Pros / Cons

√ Compact size

√ Easy to carry

√ Flavorful

√ Excellent vaping experience

√ Over 17 flavors to choose from

√ Long-lasting performance

√ Consistent flavor

√ 10 mL juice capacity

√ Quality MTL draw

× No charging


I have no negative comments about the HQD Box 4000 other than the one drawback of not being rechargeable. It is a very good disposable product! The HQD Box disposable vape has a lot going for it. It’s flavorful, stable, and compact, and it has a long list of flavors to choose from, it won’t let you make a mistake.

This is one of the easiest recommendations I’ve made in a while. If you’re in the market for a disposable, I’m confident that you will find the HQD Box that you’ll enjoy. As for which flavor to pick, that’s not so easy to say when there are 17 to choose from.

Highly recommended.