the portfolio

Creative Journal

my fascination with drawing eyes

my collection of receipts

my collection of nail polish

a few peaceful photos of Paris that I took

a music video where the graphics intrigued me, and the animations were realistic and detailed

a song that motivates me


an album that evoked emotion and imagination from the music and lyrics


Instagram : mu_gung

a korean photographer I really like and get inspiration from



pen art pieces that I found very pleasing to the eye


i really like the type of art that shows some kind of inner emotion, turmoil or beauty using nature


i also like traditionally inspired asian art


a animated cinematic, where the music and animations evoked emotions from me


fascinating art style by eliza ivanova


i really admire the thick outline artwork that alphonse mucha produces, it is a style i want to develope more


some digital artwork by instagram account tck__tck


Below is a link to my Pinterest ‘Art Inspiration’ board, where I have been compiling artwork that catches my eyes since high school:


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