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Project 2: Begin Again…

Project 2: Begin Again…

[Group Project with Maddie & Sofie]

For our project, we have decided to combine our three techniques of animation, writing, and choreography by creating an ‘Art Poem’ – to which we will present a video of an animated layer over a choreographed dance video, whilst a poem that corresponds to the movement is read live to the class. While developing ideas for this project, we decided upon creating an uplifting story line (with a tinge of sad undertone – to emphasize the struggle that comes before this self-discovery) for our Art Poem that follows the theme of personal growth, seeing that this is a topic that we all personally relate to and are currently going through.


[Original Poem:]

We are all created to be

What we are expected to be

As we have chosen to be

As we would like to be

But with these desires

We are chained

We are not free

Who we are is defined

By the choices we make in life

But yet we stand

In front of a tidal wave


To breathe

As the time goes

As the earth slows

We stand alone

In a brittle shell of hope

Holding on to

Every hope we

Have ever known within our every breath

But yet we know

The only one who can save us

In the end

Is the only one who has held us
The only one who can mend us

The only one to defend us

In the end

So turn the lights off

Rest your head so

That you wake up with the strength

To begin again


[Original Song:]
[Edit of Song – done by Beryl:]
[Final Product:]

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