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Climate Activism Campaign Project

Group Members: Carla, Patricia, Noa, Beryl

For this project, we wanted to raise awareness and give a solution to the ongoing plastic epidemic around the world. Where millions of plastic bottles and objects are used each minute.

The target audience we decided to aim the project at is Parsons Paris. Therefore, we decided to install the posters and cut plastic water bottles on the walls of the staircase from the bottom floor to the first floor, where most of the students walk instead of using the elevator.


For the last poster, as seen above, we decided to make something that stands out more to the viewer, so we created a poster with a large word format.

Moreover, to give a solution to the ending of plastic usage, we created a map of Paris that locates several farmer’s markets, where the food is not wrapped individually in plastic, like in the large grocery stores, such as Monoprix.

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