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October 2016

Major Studio Final Proposal

As a audience, what do you see through calligraphy art piece? Do you understand the meaning of the words? Or you appreciate it from the shape of the characters? I have learned Chinese calligraphy for 8 years. As a Chinese, I… Continue Reading →

Final Project – 10/19 Class Inspiration

Domain Technology Interactive installation Live performance Calligraphy Culture Music Aesthetics Psychology Graphic design (visualization) Language Motion graphic     Approaches 2D->3D Arduino, Javascript, openFrameworks translation, foreigner languages mix two culture’s elements together performer can interact with environment (realtime) 5 senses… Continue Reading →

Final Project – 10/17 Class Inspiration

The Rhythm of Calligraphy Why: I learned 8 years of Chinese calligraphy. I think the beauty of traditional Chinese character and calligraphy is the treasure of our culture. Traditional technique of calligraphy is dying out due to modern technology. I… Continue Reading →

Instruction Sets for Strangers – Documentary 3

We did some changes for the testing today. First, we finish our three final version of poster. Further, we think the previous size is not enough, as a result we go to UC 5th floor and print out Arch E… Continue Reading →

Instruction Sets for Strangers – Documentary 2

We go to lower east side and find the place where we think is a perfect place to us. In front of this space is a bar and there are some gallery and restaurants beside. However, there is a filming activity… Continue Reading →

Arduino W2 homework

I have tried buzzer, temperature, and pressure sensor. I use buzzer sensor to make different tones, and it is very interesting although the sounds is not so pleasant. reference: Github:   The second project I make is using pressure sensor… Continue Reading →

Instruction Sets for Strangers – Documentary 1

After the sharing on Wednesday, we got many advices from classmates and teacher. We decide to focus on the idea of culture in lower east side and surrounding area. Although it seems hard to come up with an idea about… Continue Reading →

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