The Rhythm of Calligraphy
  1. I learned 8 years of Chinese calligraphy. I think the beauty of traditional Chinese character and calligraphy is the treasure of our culture.
  2. Traditional technique of calligraphy is dying out due to modern technology. I want to preserve the traditional technique, besides, I am thing of using technology to combine them. Maybe there will be more possibilities.


3 points of view:

  • modern technology kills traditional technique
  • we can use various methods to visualize data
  • technology can help us use a new perspective to view old stuffs

3 subjects:

  • calligraphy
  • music
  • transformation of various formats

3 tools:

  • Arduino
  • javascript
  • physical brush and paper

3 outcomes:

  • a interactive music player which transfer the pressure of brush into sound (strength -> sound)
  • a interactive realtime visualization of the calligraphy (strength -> graphic)—-may be a video
  • a series of graphic works based on visualize the strength data of calligraphy