We go to lower east side and find the place where we think is a perfect place to us.

In front of this space is a bar and there are some gallery and restaurants beside. However, there is a filming activity on the day we go.



Because of the filming, people are attracted by them more than our project. Moreover, perhaps we need to put something that is able to catch people’s eyeballs.



Out of our expectation, someone just come and use spray paint on our poster! We are so furious at that moment. Why can he do that!!!

After sharing our testing outcome to the classmates, we get many good feedbacks and we think we should use different perspective to what we though “vandalized action”. Actually, this is the culture of lower east side, the graffiti and freedom of expression. So for the next testing, we just want to modify the parts that we think can help user interact with our poster.


What can we modify?

  1. Do it at night with spotlight
  2. Add all the remaining posters
  3. Add the tagline for the piece
  4. Attach pens directly to poster with strings
  5. Make the border “bolder”!
  6. QRcode
  7. Put indications around corner
  8. Color some areas at the beginning
  9. Bigger posters
  10. Play the albums!