We did some changes for the testing today. First, we finish our three final version of poster. Further, we think the previous size is not enough, as a result we go to UC 5th floor and print out Arch E size poster. It turns out great! Besides, we prepare yarn that can help attach to the fencing more securely. Instead of using a bucket to store the markers, we use yarn to attach markers. For the user who might not familiar with rock music, we out QR code at the corner of the poster, in order to give user some hints. I pick the youtube video which provide the music and album’s cover because it can directly connect to our project.








We also paint some areas of the poster beforehand. On one hand, people can have expectation what they need to do. On the other hand, with the color painted previously, people won’t tend to paint the wrong color.

As we prepare all the stuffs and feel so excited to test, the weather is so bad and it seems the rain will never stop. At the beginning we are so frustrated until we find a alternative place.

img_9334 img_9339 img_9347 img_9354 img_9365 img_9368


At the end it turns out that this place is better than the original site. This is a intersection of two busy streets. There is a rock music bar beside and some people stay in front of our project when they come here to have a cigarette. People have more interactions with our posters than the previous version, and they did understand the instruction even there is no text. It is so inspiring that we succeed in this project!



  • People interacted in the way we predicted
  • They further interacted with each other and used our medium for their own artistic purposes
  • We were proven right on the relationship of a certain public in the Lower East Side to the public gallery and non-conformal context.
  • Optimally, we thought about this as a semi-permanent gallery after everybody contributes to coloring, which wasn’t “fully” accomplished by the final prototype.

At the end I want to say my group members and I really did a great job cooperating with each other, coming up with various and inspiring ideas. All of us do our best in every prototype and testing. Moreover, I appreciate that we choose a place where three of us all love and want to indulge to. Thanks to Qihui and Nelson 🙂