Based on the feedback from last class, I refine my prototype and use Flinto to make a digital version.

  • Add tutorial video in case user don’t know how to write calligraphy
  • Add the definition of Chinese words
  • I decide to let all user write same words (山水 Shan Shui). These two words is Shan Shui painting’s Chinese, so I think it is appropriate for user to write.
  • There are different calligraphy style from which user can choose. Different style will use different way to write and lead to various outcome.

Due to my initial concept, I still think writing on physical stuff is better in this case. I am thinking using my Wacom tablet, and get the press data by using API. I have found some information about how to get the data from Wacom tablet:

Moreover, I want to decorate the tablet and stylus as calligraphy paper and brush. The tablet will connect with computer screen. I want to make a website that collects all the outcome from every user. People can see the calligraphy works from others and the “byproduct” – Shan Shui painting.


I challenge myself again: what is the key point of my project? I think the quote from Yang Tze Tong is the most essential idea I want to convey:

Calligraphy is a planar art, but its essence and complexity is not restricted to paper or ink; therefore, the possibility for it to obtain volume and escape the paper surface should exist.

– Yang Tze, Tong


Although there are calligraphy arts in other countries, I think Chinese calligraphy is the most dynamic due to the strength and amount of ink you use. The strokes are various from one another. They have personal characteristic. The reason why I choose Shan Shui painting is that calligraphy can create a dynamic sense of space by diverse strength of stokes and shade of ink. The landscape in Shan Shui painting can create a sense of special perception. Shan Shui painting and calligraphy has many things in common. For instance, they all use brush and ink, and they are both Chinese traditional culture. Through my project, I want to present these concepts and let user experience it. Users are able to use calligraphy to show their personality of writing.