Main Concept

  • Experience the beauty of calligraphy beyond the paper and ink – the three dimension space in calligraphy
  • Show your personality through calligraphy



  • Aesthetic – the installation must show the Chinese traditional elements
  • The installation must be interactive. User can create their own calligraphy works
  • The user Is able to feel the variety of calligraphy
  • Must be Interesting that can attract user



  1. When people go to museum or gallery, the artworks are often untouchable. The user finds this installation that can create your own calligraphy artworks. 
  1. The user feels it is intriguing and start to play with it. 
  1. Use the installation to write calligraphy and get the painting at the end. At the end, users can put their own signature on the painting. It is the artworks created by themselves. 
  1. Projector will project users artworks on an empty canvas. 
  1. The user is able to appreciate their own works in the museum and also looks others works. 


Prototype – coding

I use Wacom Intuos Pro as an input tool and connect it with openFramework. So far the real-time stylus position and pressure data can show on the screen. This is my first time to build 3D environment in oF, and use Wacom tablet API. Next step, I am going to show the trace of the stylus, and use pressure data to generate graphic.