Chinese calligraphy is a prized art form in Chinese culture. However, with developments of technology, Chinese young generation is accustomed to digital devices and seldom uses writing materials. Not to mention that majority of young people is strange to calligraphy. Moreover, it is a challenge for many people to appreciate calligraphy artwork. The beauty of calligraphy is not limited to a planar art; the invisible volume and strength behind the planar works should be presented outside the paper. The goal of the project is to combine calligraphy with its sister arts—painting[1]; with an interactive calligraphy installation, it is able to reveal the personality of calligrapher and present the dynamic variety of Chinese brushwork. In order to provide a novel way of appreciating Chinese traditional arts.

[1] Kwo Da-Wei, Chinese Brushwork in Calligraphy and Painting: its history, aesthetics, and techniques (Courier Corporation, 1990), 4.