The last prototype, I have some problems with drawing several lines without connecting together. I solved the problem in this prototype. I really spend lots of time trying to figure out how to use “vector” in oF, in order to draw separated lines. Fortunately, I found this website and it helped a lot.

Besides, I also search the way to input 3D model in the openFramework. Because I want to replace the arrow with a brush model, and put a cotton paper model as well. But there is one problem that I have to learn how to build a 3D model first. I have learned Maya before, however, the file exported from Maya is not easy to use in oF. The file exported from Cinema 4D will be better.

Next step:

  • Add color to the mountains
  • Add UI button(rotate the scene)
  • Add 3D model


User testing

Users: Mehtap, Ziqiang, Ying Jiang, Nelson
img_7808 img_7809 img_7812 img_7814


  • When you are writing, you don’t look at the screen
  • Need to practice more, because I am not familiar with using stylus
  • Want to rotate the screen
  • It is enjoying to look at this graphic generated from pressure