We are creating a game that the target is only visible to the opponent. We want to know how do players use strategy and collect useful information to deduce the right solution through the process.



Akio and Toba are two famous phantom thieves in the town. They want to challenge each other and compete for a No.1 phantom thief. So Akio and Toshio placed 2 hidden treasure at somewhere seeing who can steal it. While they are finding the location, both of them set up guards in order to confuse and stop each other to get there.


Game Rules
  1. Set a target for your opponent and don’t show to your opponent.  e.g. G3
  2. You have 3 keys, which can let you ask your opponent about the relation between your target and your current position. Your opponent will answer: Up/Down, Left/Right.
  3. Throw the dice to decide your next step.
  4. You cannot set the guard on your opponent’s target.
  5. The first player who reaches the target is the WINNER.
Function Cards
    1. ! : Once you step on the trigger point, you have a chance to draw a function card.
    2. Remove Guard: You can remove the guard around you then take a step or just remove the guards away from you and keep still.
    3. Move 2 Steps: You can move 2 steps in any direction you want.
    4. Hint: The opponent needs to reveal a 3×3 area for target location.
    5. Vanish: You will be set to anywhere your opponent chooses.
    6. No Move, No Guard: You can’t move and set the guard for the opponent.




  • The guard’s color can be useful→ combine with dice, the certain color of dice can be removed
  • Creating the balancing of the guard is the priority!!
  • Remove whole guards in a row
  • Ravensburger Scotland yard — good example