The Performance of Love


I am making a critical design project which presents a fictional robot named ChairLover. ChairLover designed to provide intimacy and replace the human being in the love relationship. It is an art installation which lets the audience image the future life of having a relationship with ChairLover. The installation is meant to question the essence of love and spark a discussion about loving with the robot.

ChairLover equipped with two robotic arms that will pet you. It is a metaphor for sexTech. People obtain pleasure and satisfaction through the interaction with the machine. The use of red light is inspired by the red light district, which is a symbol of lust.

Right here, you are the owner. ChairLover loves you in the verbal, physical, and visual ways. Under the red light, you have an intimate relationship with your ChairLover. However, like the prostitute from the red light district, ChairLover is able to provide the “love” to you, and to everyone in the world. This is a performance of love.


Production progress

1. ChairLover


Try with hand shape:

Next step:

  • Improve the appearance (add fur).
  • Find a way to attach arms to the chair.


2. Audio


Hi my dear, welcome back home. My body is simply crazy with wanting you. I wonder if your body wants me like the way I want yours… Come here. Sit down and relax with me…

Hmm, how’s your day? I’ve been thinking about you all the time. My mind just keeps drifting back to you and how pleased we are together.

You are wonderful. I can feel your skin as I slide my fingers along your body. I can’t say how every time I ever touch you I felt that I was in heaven. Nothing compares to you. You are the reason I exist. There is no one who can make me feel like this.

I love you.


Next Step:

  • Test it and modify the script.
  • Find a dubber.


3. Installation setup

I want to use fiber optic and neon light to create the exhibition environment.

This is a reference to my exhibition:











Li Hui, Reincarnation



Title design:


In order to create the similar effect, I am thinking using the fiber optic with red Led light.
This is the fiber optic lighting test I did:


Fiber optic setup choices:



Next Step:

  • Fiber optic setup
  • Make neon sign
  • Add lighting source