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Play Project – Blind Hunt – prototype 1

Design Question “How might we create a play experience that the player is in a passive position and be led by other players?” Change the traditional game rule Enhance players interactivity We are creating a game that the goal is… Continue Reading →

Environment project

1.Sound Visualization Starting with our own experience of living in the city, we found out that there were many noises around us, for instance, the subway sound and the construction sound. At the beginning, we were thinking to make a… Continue Reading →

Prototype5 + testing

The last prototype, I have some problems with drawing several lines without connecting together. I solved the problem in this prototype. I really spend lots of time trying to figure out how to use “vector” in oF, in order to… Continue Reading →

Final Project Prototype 4

I combine tablet and openFramework, using oFxtablet addon to catch the data from Wacom tablet (e.g. pressure, tilt, position). Right now it is able to draw a wave based on the pressure data from the stylus in the 3D environment…. Continue Reading →

Final Paper — Precedents

The purpose of the project          Many people consider calligraphy as a planar art, however the beauty of it is not limited to paper and ink. The process of writing calligraphy is also a significant part of artistic creation. The… Continue Reading →

Final Paper—Introduction

Chinese calligraphy is a prized art form in Chinese culture. However, with developments of technology, Chinese young generation is accustomed to digital devices and seldom uses writing materials. Not to mention that majority of young people is strange to calligraphy…. Continue Reading →

Final Project – Criteria/Scenario/Prototype 3

Main Concept Experience the beauty of calligraphy beyond the paper and ink – the three dimension space in calligraphy Show your personality through calligraphy   Criteria  Aesthetic – the installation must show the Chinese traditional elements The installation must be… Continue Reading →

Final Project — User Profile

Zoey Female 20 years old Taiwanese College student major in Chinese literature Zoey is fascinated with Chinese history and culture. She have learned some basic calligraphy knowledge during her classes in college. Because her major is Chinese literature, the professor… Continue Reading →

Final Paper Outline

  1. Introduction 2. Context 2.1. Calligraphy and Spirituality 2.2. Brushwork in Calligraphy and Painting 2.3. Chinese Calligraphy in Contemporary Society 2.4. Traditional Arts in High-tech Era 3. Method 3.1. The purpose of the project 3.2. Investigations of the premise… Continue Reading →

Final Project Prototype-2

Based on the feedback from last class, I refine my prototype and use Flinto to make a digital version. Add tutorial video in case user don’t know how to write calligraphy Add the definition of Chinese words I decide to let… Continue Reading →

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