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Final Project

Major Studio Final Proposal

As a audience, what do you see through calligraphy¬†art piece? Do you understand the meaning of the words? Or you appreciate it from the shape of the characters? I have learned Chinese calligraphy for 8 years. As a Chinese, I… Continue Reading →

Final Project – 10/19 Class Inspiration

Domain Technology Interactive installation Live performance Calligraphy Culture Music Aesthetics Psychology Graphic design (visualization) Language Motion graphic     Approaches 2D->3D Arduino, Javascript, openFrameworks translation, foreigner languages mix two culture’s elements together performer can interact with environment (realtime) 5 senses… Continue Reading →

Final Project – 10/17 Class Inspiration

The Rhythm of Calligraphy Why: I learned 8 years of Chinese calligraphy. I think the beauty of traditional Chinese character and calligraphy is the treasure of our culture. Traditional technique of calligraphy is dying out due to modern technology. I… Continue Reading →

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