Hyun Woo Cho Project#3

These are the photos I took for this project as I walked around New York City. I took photos of graffiti and different marks on the walls that have a trace of gestures.


I experimented with different compositions and methods such as patterns, scale, and filters.


The walls on the streets represent a body in New York City. The walls are the index of different gestures and anti-gestures and each wall has so many different attitudes and characters on it. Some are rebellious and some are commercial. There are also gestures to erase those marks. There is a tension between something allowed and illegal on the walls. Each marks tells a story, but at the same time, all the signified are deconstructed through overwhelming amount of signifiers. I took photos of the walls and made a digital composition collage with the marks. The deconstructed signifiers become meaningless and they only make (or give) the impression of the wall of the city. After making these collages, I printed them out as the size of posters on the wall and presented as posters to give more feeling of the walls.

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