Project #4 Reflection

When I first read the story, the smoking part and the singing part really stood out to me. Because she is only nine years old, but she is smoking and I thought this really shows her personality. For the wallpaper, I put the lyrics and put child-like gestural marks on the background. Then I made large mark on top of it and put newport menthol patterns on it. The design was inspired by Laura Owens. I thought her childlike gestural painting style could illustrate Madeleine’s character very well. I tried to give a feeling of rhythm and a sense of the song with the lyrics and the colorful gestural marks.

For the portrait of Madeleine, I appropriated Sally Mann’s photo, Candy Cigarette, which is one of the most famous photo in the twentieth century. When I read the story, Madeleine’s personality really reminded of this photo. I thought it would be interesting to use one of the most famous photo that many people could recognize and deconstruct the original photo and recontextualize as Madeleine’s portrait. I cropped the photo and changed the colors. Then, when I painted it, I made it more desaturated and simple. The fuzzy blue colors give a somber and depressing aspect of Madeleine. By changing the medium and making it more painterly, the image that people could recognize loses its original meaning and interpreted as Madeleine’s portrait. I tried to make contrast between the bright and colorful wallpaper and the portrait to show different aspects of her.

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