Project Deconstruction

This project was a film based on my personal story. This project was for Time: Frame class. In 2016, I was staying at a cheap hotel in East Providence, Rhode Island. One day, I was so hungry and I went out to get some food. However, all the restaurants were closed and I just kept walking. Then I found McDonalds and went there. However, it was closed and only Drive-thru was available. So I thought I could order if I walk through the Drive-thru, but there was no response. I went to the pick up area and knocked the door, but they just ignored me. So I tried to call them and I found the store’s number on Google map. Then I realized that I walked from East Providence to Massachusetts. I called them and they told me that I should bring a car or I should call Uber to order food. So I called Uber and asked the Uber drive to go through Drive thru. I bought him a burger and went back to my hotel.

This is the storyboard of my film. The film starts from a scene in the hotel.

Also, this project had to include photos and videos. These are the photos that I took in Brooklyn to use in my film. I intentionally  made some photos blurry to show movement.

This is the final video. I took this video at a hotel in Soho and went to Mcdonalds in Brooklyn.  The most challenging part was to show that I walked for a very long time. Since the film is much shorter than the actual walking, I intentionally put scenes of me just walking at different backgrounds. The walking scene is about two minutes which is about 1/5 of the whole video. I had to make the walking scene very long and boring to make the viewers know that I walked for very long time. While I was doing this project, I learned that editing is very important in film and I cannot just literally visualize the whole story and my emotions through film. Some parts had to cut out because the video was too long and some parts turned out different than my intention, so I had to select the most important parts and recreate and visualize them that everyone can understand.

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