Bridge III – Taxonomy

Bridge III Taxonomy-1mu7lag

  • What location did you visit for your visual research and what did you find?

I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, and the Whitney Museum. At the Metropolitan museum, I looked for artworks that use gold colors or gold gilding from medieval and renaissance period. I found several religious paintings that use gold colors or gold gilding for the frame. There were also religious sculptures and decorative objects that use gold gilding. At the MoMA, I looked for more recent artworks that are related to my theme so I went to Robert Rauschenberg exhibition and the museum’s collection section and I found an assemblage painting that combines readymade objects, images, and paints. Also, I found artworks that are historically significant such as Andy Warhol’s Gold Marilyn Monroe and fur lined teacup.

  • How did the locations (museum/gallery/etc.) you visited expand/broaden/deepen your understanding of your topic? (this could be visual, contextual, historical, material based, etc.)

After I went to the Metropolitan Museum, I realized that gold colors and gold gilding were very common and they seemed to have historical and religious significance in western art. In the medieval and renaissance paintings, the gold gilt frames looked almost as important as the the artwork and the artists treated them like sculptures. In some artworks, the golden frames looked like they were even more important than the actual artwork. They had numerous delicate details and their bright and glowing surfaces were very strong visual elements.

  • List the symbols, metaphors and visual references you put in your taxonomy and explain how/why they are relevant/important to your topic.
    • Gold gilding
    • Gold background – Gold gilding and gold background can be used as a reference to religious and medieval paintings. Also, gold gilding can change the materiality of the object into something valuable.
    • Trash – Trash is important to my topic because trash has a different impression from new products and this can provide different point of view to those materials.
    • Leftover – Leftover of the objects implies that the object is no longer used as the original purpose.
    • Empty bags – Empty bags symbolize meaninglessness and ephemera.
    • Warhol – Warhol creates artworks like commercial products using readymade images and silk-screening. Also, his serial arrangement of images refer to the capitalist system. I thought this was important to my topic because standardized mass production system and serial arrangement are the key features of the capitalist system.
  • What did you learn from Monday’s critique about your taxonomy that was new or helpful?

One comment that was new was that the artworks I found at the Metropolitan museum and the trash are both leftovers after they had been used. This was interesting because I did not think of the connection between those two when I was creating this taxonomy. Also, I realized that the objects in the drawing look recently used and relatively clean compared to trash that could be found on garbage cans or streets. This was useful because small details like this can change the impression and the context of the material.

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