Space/Materiality – Inhabited Space Project







The inspiration for this inhabited space structure was public rest areas in Seoul, Korea. In Seoul, there is a river that goes across the city and next to each bridges, there is a rest area with restaurants and convenience store. The function of this structure is to provide rest areas for public. The left part of the structure is the space where people can eat, drink, and rest and the right part of the structure will be a convenience store or a small restaurant so that people can buy foods, drinks, and others. I used the roof to collect the rain water. The roof is tilted toward the middle and the triangular shapes that support the roof gather the water. I also made an artificial pond in front of the structure and the rain water will be collected to the pond. I used hanji texture which is Korean traditional paper to show my cultural background. Also, I thought the subtle and minimal texture of hanji harmonizes with simple and geometric shapes of the structure. I used grass texture photos on the ground to indicate that the structure is located at a park.

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