Space/Materiality – Museum of Arts and Design Museum Reflection

  • Describe one example of an art work utilizing an inhabited space. What elements of this project caught your attention?

Derrick Adams’s installation work in Sanctuary exhibition utilizes an inhabited space. The work consists of a long road with hats that have wheels and doors between the roads. The interesting thing that caught my attention is that the doors do not have distinction between the outside and inside.

  • Describe one work example that utilizes a surprising use of scale.

Judy Ledgerwood’s Chromatic Patterns for the Museum of Arts and Design utilizes a surprising use of scale. This work is a site-specific wall painting that takes up most of the space in a section of the museum. Similar to Miriam Schapiro’s femmages, she combines decorative elements such as flower patterns which are traditionally made by women and the gallery’s architectural space.

  • Describe one work example that uses visual counterpoint in an interesting way.

Miriam Schapiro’s painting Curtains uses visual counterpoint by combining what is considered “high” art and “low” art. This painting refers to abstract expressionism paintings which are considered as “high” art and masculine and decoration and ornament which are considered feminine. By this counterpoint, Schapiro reveals how female artists were excluded from male-dominated art history.

  • What factors do you think informed Maria Shapiro’s use of patterning?

I think the history of art that divided art and craft informed Maria Shapiro to use patterning in her paintings.

  • In the introductory wall text, written by the exhibition curator for the Surface/Depth exhibition, it states that decorative elements have been, and can be, used as a critical tool. From your perspective, what does the curator mean by this term? What specifically is being critiqued?

I think the curator is saying that decorative elements which are often used only for visual purposes can also have meanings and used as a method to critique.

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