Aperture Foundation Gallery Visit

Siân Davey

Her portrait skills are honest and youthful. The portrait angles are very interesting and composition of the piece is simple yet powerful. A youthful touch is evident because you can tell the photographer is able to relate to the model, you can straight away feel a connection between the photographer and the person photographed as she captures this moment. The actual picture is set up but the emotions present are very much real. It’s a fresh new take on mental health.


Janet Delaney


Joe Nishizawa

Is able to demonstrate discreetly the effects of human nuclear activity in Japan. He unfolds the secrecy, confusing the audience of his peaceful and very calming photographs, undermining the very catastrophic and negative effects of nuclear waste. He turns something so deathly into something nuanced and almost beautiful.


Guadelupe Rosales

What I liked most about this artist was her way of displaying each memory so uniquely and differently depending on each person’s persona. She made the memories feel personal yet relatable and interactive, almost as if were part of it as well. She accurately depicts the Chicanx women’s culture.





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