Neighborhood Map

With this map, I wanted to clearly illustrate the divide between the African Americans/Caribbean versus the Jewish community through delis throughout the streets of  Crown Heights. Before visiting Crown Heights, Brooklyn, I researched the many riots between both communities in the late 1960’s which lead to an unclear and persistent clash of ideals and ways of life. I tried capturing the reputation of intolerance and violence between both cultures down to the core by essentially revisiting the clearly divided food industry and concentration of delis depending on the neighborhoods and habitants that lived there.

As you can see, where the blue dots are concentrated, the population of Caribbean and African American habitants is equally more concentrated and where the yellow dots are, the Jewish community is greater. The divide is clearly illustrated in this scenario and almost maps out the different sectors. Interestingly enough, the divide is marked by a subway line. After stepping across that subway station, a whole atmosphere presented itself. It was as if I was no longer in the same area.


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