Bridge 3: Newsprint

The Crown newsprint is an original and modern take of Crown Heights’ community and essence. We chose to deliberately highlight Crown Heights’ tight-knit community through the promising and traditional food culture as well as the art and public spaces it offers despite its negative and somewhat false portrayal in the media. The contemporary design and formatting of the photography against the text offers readers an light and easy read. The design aspect in terms of choosing and incorporating advertisement throughout the sections helps maintain a certain flow and doesn’t distract the reader from . We really wanted to touch on the community’s modernizing neighborhood all the while  accentuating the appropriate “street-style” by using fonts and repetitively titling images we thought best represented the community.


The Crown Heights newsprint project was an interesting and eye-opening assignment meticulously drawing back to the idea of false media portrayal. Visiting and fully immersing myself in Crown Heights for a full day was truly and engaging experience. The challenging part was appropriately and accurately representing the neighborhood in all its glory. The layout process was long and meticulous. Even though we were each assigned different roles, by the end of the day, we all collaborated and gave our opinion no matter who was in charge of what. We encountered many technical difficulties in attempting to switch the usual reading format of a newsprint. We equally encountered technical difficulties in terms of pixelated printing. However, overall we pulled through and ended up with the final result we initially envisioned which was of great relief.

We approached our newsprint step by step by first prioritizing our cover, since it is our main focus, and trying to tie all our sections back to it. Our newsprint surrounds itself around one main theme: the apparent tight-knit community we felt when visiting Crown Heights. As passers, we tried our best to emphasize the family-friendly and culturally rich neighborhood it features all through traditions and a history of migration.

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