Monument Souvenirs

Condom souvenir

For our first souvenir, we chose to give out condoms with a simple avant-garde design in the intent to bring awareness and promote safe sex to individuals of all ages. The front and back of the packaging is all white with a gold detailed writing. On the front of the packaging are inspirational quotes fighting against the virus and identity  attributed to such as “aids does not discriminate” or “stay safe”. The condom inside will be black and ready to use. The condoms were inspired by the creator of the initial aids monument.

Sticker souvenir

For our second souvenir, we chose to create stickers to give out with out logo as a way to promote not only our monument but the fight against aids and increase awareness al around. The stickers are meant to be glued on phones, computers, street poles etc with the objective to end stigma around the epidemic and attract people’s attention. The stickers hold our logo inspired by Keith Haring’s art which we believe makes it easy to recognize and connect to aids from afar without reading what is written.

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