Bridge 4 -New Monument

New prototype

For my redesign of the monument I chose to pull away from the triangular shape and focus on a dome like shape that represents being emerged in a new world, a safe space that promotes inclusivity. In the dome will be projected images all around the walls of pictures and videos with sound of loved ones who suffered from AIDS sent by families all around the world who wish to. This will serve not only as a therapeutic form of letting go and embracing your loved ones and creating  awareness. Behind the dome will be six skinny red trees, resistent to season changes: Japenese red maples.


The condoms souvenirs we chose helps promote awareness of the cause and safe sex as well with a very clear message directing the public against AIDS discrimination and ending the stigma that surrounds it. We wanted the packaging to be simple and straightforward as well as useable and pertaining to all age groups. The stickers had the same purpose and the condoms but this time promote our logo which we hope would be stuck onto phones, street signs, and notebooks. The logo is easy to track and clear to understand since the design is directly tied back to Keith Haring’s artwork.


The brochure really enhances the triangular shapes which have had a persistent historical meaning as nazis labeled those attained with AIDS during the totalitarian eras. The significance of the triangle was important for us to translate into our brochure as its meaning extends to the directions of facilities that helped those in need during the 80’s and research towards the fight against aids. We waned to keep our brochure easy and inclusive by adding in colors that encompass all genders with a clear guide to our branding and individual prototypes

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