Synthesize This – “Let go”

A time when my understanding of something changed was when I started my first year of college at Parsons School of Design as a 17 year old from Los Angeles living in a freshmen dorm. The start of my semester was very challenging. Having to live alongside strangers, away my family was tough and intimidating. After spending most of august on bed rest, I was finally diagnosed with lyme disease. It has always been in my nature to keep things to myself and refrain from showing weakness or emotion to anyone in difficult situations. I was always taught to put things into perspective but all of these obstacles piled up and got the best of me. I broke down but learned with time that it’s ok to breakdown and let go because you can only get back up from there. I learned that it was ok to look to your friends and family as an occasional support system in times of worry, anxiety, and sadness. I wanted to express the multifaceted emotions I’ve endured since college by layering all of these emotions through digital portraits photography. I would take around four to six portraits pictures of myself showing these different emotions. I want my view to be able to see the complexity of these emotions and how they somewhat intertwine by cutting out certain places around the eyes, the lips, or nose area. The cutouts would be strategically placed with the help of the laser cutter and collaged to enhance the sense of depth. I would like to further explore my collaging techniques and how that could come into play with my fashion magazine I am currently working on for my studio class this semester. Not only has my understanding of the laser cutter greatly evolved over this process but so has my use of cutouts, collage, and image size variations to enhance express depth in a two dimensional visual.


sketch 1

sketch 2

final project

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