Harmonic conversation – “Next chapter”

All of my mock-ups seem to have a metaphorical connotation  and morality to them. The three mock-ups equally tend to embody nature as a learning tool or a symbol for a sign of progression  or choices I had to make in life all of which are personal to me. I chose the second idea to work with for my final project because the mockup felt most representative of my current learning process and relevant to this year as a first year college student. The last project on how something changed through growth almost spurred this mock up because of how I will represent how I was and how I am through the representation of the progress in time.  All the reading we have done so far on language has influenced my way of thinking and communicating my ideas as well as the elements I want to include in my work.


Visual response drawing 1

Adobe Photoshop

Visual response drawing 2

sharpie, collage, and Adobe Illustrator


Working with paint pens is very challenging. I hadn’t realized how slow it is to dry and how quickly it smudges once I layered the acetate. I had to test out multiple times how I wanted the designs to look so that we could still see the photograph laying under. Making the frame was challenging in the sense that I had to mimic a wall in terms of color and texture. Cutting out the shaped and glueing them on top of each other really helped give the piece dimension as well as the light to dark tones I highlight the depth, as if peaking into a different dimension.

I am overall happy with the final piece, the frame came out exactly as I had visualized. However, I wish I had worked on layering a little more and hadn’t distracted the main focus, the skeletal figure, with other details surrounding the me as in the buildings and palm trees. The frame was challenging and not as realistic as I wish it could have been. I intend on working more with acetate paper and paint pens; I really enjoy the effect.


I strive to learn and to grow. This year has been a huge learning experience. As I look forward, I am optimistic and determined for what is to come. With this piece I invite you to look onward into the next chapter of my life in New York.

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