Final Bridge 4 – Fake Artifact

For this project, we were assigned to create a fake artifact with some sort of history significance, and present in a way that translates into modern day. For the seminar portion of the project, we were meant to research the topic of the artifact and write a paper about our findings and process.

I chose to create a sound piece imitating an argument that could’ve occurred between 1920s power couple- F Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald. I used the visual element of a music box with a rotating ballerina to present my sound piece.My intention for the project was to reflect on how Zelda Fitzgerald’s creative work was often over shadowed and ignored. I was inspired by the Morgan Library and Museum for this project.

IMG_7021 IMG_7024 f9d8338d-2969-4b62-888a-5b92b2d1ba35

not like you, but pretty cool

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