“She is Alone” Michelle Levy at NutureArt

Directly off the Morgan L lies NutureArt, a small non profit gallery and the host of Michelle Levy’s recent performance “She is Alone.” In this performance, Levy directly addresses the audience, occasionally calling for their participation. The format of the performance followed that of a typical talk or lecture with Levy standing at a podium, operating a slide projector behind her. She proceeds to provide the audience with a narrative surrounding a body of research that he has been working on. Levy follows her journey through one of the few pieces of her grandmothers past that she holds in her possession: a Polish school report card. This document led Levy on a search to discover the town that her grandmother was from, as neither her nor her mother had that information. The result is a testimonial of the holocaust written by one of Levy relatives, a holocaust survivor. She has the audience read this testimonial in segments and then all at once.

While I found the body of research engaging as well as Levy’s delivery, I was unsure of the medium she chose. The straight forward presentation of information seemed sort of boring to me.  I felt that she had yet to synthesize her body research into a project and the performance read for as a proposal for a project than the actual project itself.

not like you, but pretty cool

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