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Malaysian Investment: Fund Data Report

KUALA LUMPUR: Foreign funds acquired Malaysian stocks on Bursa Malaysia for RM425.72 million last week, after selling RM275.92 million in the previous week.

Foreign funds were net buyers on every day of the week, with the highest inflow of RM97.42 million on the previous Thursday (Nov 10) and RM105 on the previous Friday, according to the weekly fund flow report last Monday (Nov 14) indicated in the data. 96 million. Net inflows were RM89.89 million on Monday, RM55.77 million on Tuesday and RM76.57 million on Wednesday.

The data showed that the top three sectors with net inflows from foreign investors were financial services RM137.6 million, consumer goods and services RM133 million, and healthcare RM70.4 million.

Meanwhile, the top three sectors with net outflows were construction at RM10.2 million, transportation and logistics at RM4 million and real estate investment trusts at RM1.4 million.

International funds were net buyers for 26 of the 45 weeks in 2022, with total net inflows of RM6.18 billion.
Local retailers were net sellers for 31 out of 45 weeks, with a total net outflow of RM8.14 billion.

The study showed that local retailers were net buyers for 28 out of 45 weeks, adding that year to date, they have net buyers of RM1.96 billion.
In terms of participation, local retailers increased by 3.15 percent and local institutions by 1.40 percent, while as for foreign investors, there was a drop of 7.21 percent.

We expect higher market participation this week given the upcoming general election and the upcoming semi-annual review of the FTSE Lombard Index, where investors are expected to build up their positions this month.

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