Investment in the manufacturing sector in Johor, Malaysia is expected to be RM4.46 billion from January to March next year

According to the news National Board of Investment, Trade and Consumer Affairs Chairman Lee Ting Han said that the value of investment in the service sector for the same period was RM54.84 million.
“This value shows a growth rate of almost 50% compared to the manufacturing investment value of RM2.24 billion for the same period this year.
“However, the service sector recorded RM39 million for the same period this year,” he said at the end of the debate on the Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar Sultan Iskandar decree in Johor yesterday.

He said the statistics showed a positive trend and showed that the government’s continued efforts under the leadership of former state minister Datuk Hasni Mohamed had provided a solid foundation for the government to redouble its efforts to attract investment to Johor.

Committee Chairman Lee Teng Han said Johor has an advantage in the economic sector because the state has an investment ecosystem that includes manufacturing, services and key industries, as well as political stability that investors value in relation to government policies.

“Johor has a large scale oil and gas development project in Bengkalan, creating a supply chain associated with the industry, including the development of the petrochemical industry, as well as Tanjung Lang Sa in Pasir Gudang.

In the digital sector, we are actively attracting data center investments to the state to create supply chains following infrastructure development, and we will also work on improving digital services,” he said.

He added that the state government has also strengthened the economy outside of Iskandar Malaysia through the implementation of catalyst projects such as Taman Perabot Muar, Maharani Energy Gateway, Pagoh Education Hub and Segamat Agriculture and Agro-based Industry Hub.