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Selangor receives RM30.82 billion

Selangor has recorded local and foreign investments worth RM30.82 billion for the period January 2020 to June 2022.

Dato’ Ting Chang Kim, chairman of the Standing Committee on Investment, Trade, Industry and Small and Medium Industries, said as many as 689 manufacturing projects were approved in the state during the same period.

Local investments amounted to RM19.16 billion while foreign investments totalled RM11.659 billion, in addition to creating 39,287 potential jobs, in addition to identifying two new sectors that have the potential to propel Selangor as an investment destination, namely logistics services and digital investments, which include global business services, data centers and creative content technology.
During this period, Selangor received RM4.9 billion worth of approved investments in the manufacturing sector, of which approximately RM3.3 billion was FDI well over half of the RM7.5 billion worth of approved manufacturing investments received for the year 2021.

Selangor is well positioned to be upgraded in the future to attract investments in various potential sectors.

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