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Malaysia Market – Three Models of Cloud Computing

There are three main models of cloud computing. Each model represents a unique part of the cloud computing stack.

A cloud-based application is deployed entirely in the cloud, where all components of the application run in the cloud. There are two types of applications in the cloud, those that are created in the cloud and those that are migrated from existing infrastructure to take advantage of the cloud. Cloud-based applications can be built on infrastructure components or they can use higher-level services that provide capabilities abstracted from the management, architecture, and scaling requirements of the core infrastructure.

Hybrid deployment is an approach that connects infrastructure and applications between cloud-based resources and non-cloud available resources. The most common approach to hybrid deployment is to extend an organization’s infrastructure into the cloud between the cloud and existing local infrastructure, while connecting cloud resources to on-premise systems.

Deploying resources locally using virtualization and resource management tools is often referred to as a “private cloud”. Local deployments do not offer many of the benefits of cloud computing, but sometimes this option is used to be able to provide dedicated resources. In most cases, this deployment model is similar to older IT infrastructures, which maximize resource utilization through application management and virtualization technologies.

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