New York Collage

For this assignment I had to make a collage from the maps of the New York City burrows. Using the map of Manhattan I spelled out the words “new life.” I had just moved there to start my college career and I viewed this as the next step in my life. For the Brooklyn map I spelled out “sea side” because every time I visit there I always walk by the water. For Queens and Staton Island I put “unknown” because I have yet to explore those places. Finally, for The Bronx I wrote “scary pizza” because last time I was there it was late at night and my parents and I went into this family owned pizza place.  Across the street I noticed the silhouette of a man standing in a doorway. I think he was facing me and he just stood there for quite a while. It creeped me out and I can still remember that seen vividly.

  I wanted to use the white space in a creative way so I cut out three strips of white paper and glued them in the middle of the page. I highlighted some of the words that I spelled out with the maps so that they could be read more clearly and it would cause the viewer to take a closer look at my piece.

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