Project 1: Sense of Place

For this project, I had to incorporate a rounded object and a reflective object into a still life drawing that reflected a place in time from my life. The objects I chose were a water bottle, a lacrosse ball, and a sports jersey. Not only do these things remind me of high school in general but they also remind me of when I played on a premier lacrosse team at Brown University. Playing on those Brown fields were potentially some of the worst moments of my life. I dreaded going even though I should have felt proud of making it onto that elite team. The high school I attended in Rhode Island was extremely sports oriented. Therefore because everyone else was playing sports I did too. I was headed in the opposite direction of what my heart wanted. I was playing on this team so that I could get recruited to a college. Because I was so consumed with this sport, I totally forgot about my love and passion for art. I think some external force was trying to warn me that I wasn’t taking the right path because everytime I went I always felt so lonely and my confidence plummeted. One day I had had enough so I skipped practice and came home to tell my mom I was finished. It was hard to explain why I was quitting because it felt like I was just giving up. I wanted to stick with it to make my parents happy but I knew something wasn’t right because I always hated going. With the extra time on my hands I started focusing more on my art. I developed a passion for fashion design and I started building up my portfolio. I wish lacrosse hadn’t consumed so much of my time as it did. However I don’t regret doing it because it helped me discover what I really love, the visual arts.

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