Project 3: Perspicere – To See Through

Manifesto about Architecture

It was late Saturday night and some friends and I were walking down 5th Ave, heading back to the dorms for a movie night. I came across this building that I assumed was a hotel. It was elegant and glowing against the night’s blanket. I could see the intricate details creeping up the building. It was breath taking and it looked mysterious. That’s why I chose it for this piece. As I translated the drawing into illustrator, I wanted the architecture to remain intricate but be bursting with flowery vines. This is where the mystery comes in. The intention of this piece is to get people’s curiosity sparked and allow them to wonder about what is happening in this imagery. I want them to question how these vines came to take over this building. It could be interpreted as a match between our consumerist society, full of skyscrapers and trillions of dollars, vs. nature. I want the viewer to decide who wins.

Building In Which I drew Inspiration From


Two Point Perspective Drawing on 18×24 Paper


Illustrator Progress



Finished Illustrator Design

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