Project 4: Human Occupancy

For this assignment I photographed people with an emphasis on composition, light/shadow, and narrative. The series of images had to be continuous and had to have dynamic compositions and interesting interactions between people, architecture, landscapes, and/or urban scenes. I decided to take most of the photos in China Town while another was taken in the subway. I wanted to the images to give off a gothic, rustic, urban feel.





I then created a spread in my sketchbook with some initial ideas and I experimented with vibes I wanted to express in my final piece.

I then had to choose one of the five photos to be transformed into a “parallel universe” using Adobe Photoshop. I used color correcting and I blurred out the background to create a more interesting and eye catching piece. Overall I had six layers so I fulfilled the 3 layer minimum requirement.


For six weeks, my classmates and I drew from models. Most of the sketches were about capturing the movements and positions of the model while one of them was dedicated to facial portraiture. The first piece was a 10 second quick drawing. The rest were 20 minute drawings. I drew young and old, female and male models.






For the last two classes we drew from the same model in the same pose for a final drawing that would be graded.

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