Project 5: Mapping

For this project I wanted to document my home state, Rhode Island. I created a rough outline of the state and then wrote numbers in the parts of the state where some of my favorite spots are. Next to those numbers I wrote the name of the spot and created little doodles that represent those places. Some places were Hilltop Creamery, Narragansett Beach, and East Providence. I chose Rhode Island because for most of my life I took advantage of the things it had to offer and never appreciated its beauty. Only once I moved away did I realize what a great place it was to grow up. I wanted to take this opportunity to commemorate my home by featuring some of the places that make me happy.

I chose three maps for inspiration: Carta Marina Map, East Side Walking Tour Map, Michael Byer’s Walking Providence Map.



Carta Marina Map








Providence Walks: East Side Walking Tour Map







Michael Byers



Inspiration Board

My inspiration board included an outline of the state, photographs of different parts of the state, and a short description of my plans for the project.

First Draft

I created my first draft on 18×24 inch Bristol paper. I used sharpie and a graphite pencil. After creating this draft, I realized I didn’t like the footnote idea so I decided to write the place’s name next to the number on my next draft.

Final Draft

My intention for this piece was not to be youthful but it developed into that. However I’m happy with this outcome because all of my previous work in this class was very serious, precise, realistic, and gothic. This piece allowed me to show artistic diversity.

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