Handmade Clothes/ Designs

Below are all the fashion and jewelry pieces I’ve done. As you scroll down, the work gets older. Enjoy!





I made these four outfits because I participated in Rhode Island Fashion Week  in October 2018. I designed the patterns and made all these pieces within a month. The theme was edgy and girly and it was a spring/summer collection. Fabrics include cotton and cotton lycra knits. I used zig zag stitches, straight stitches, and overlock stitches. I installed one zipper, used darts on every piece, made pleats and practiced gathering.

I made this purse in August 2018. It’s made of silver chain and clasps, wood, cotton quilting, and silk fabric. Click here for more in-depth process documentation. https://portfolio.newschool.edu/isabellelucente/2018/07/24/handbag/

This is the same pair of thrifted jeans that I painted on earlier however here I covered them in bandanas. I took the jeans apart, heat glued the bandanas on, then sewed them onto the jeans and sewed them back together. I did this at the end of summer 2018.


These pants were thrifted and then I used fabric paint to write and make designs on them. I wrote “Run Away” on the middle of the left leg. I drew a tree with a snake hanging from it with a spider below on the right leg. I made these designs in the summer 2018.

I bought this black hoodie and embroidered the words “Go Away” with red thread onto the hoodie string. I also put my initials on the top right of the hoodie and at the bottom of the sleeve. I embroidered “Try To Stop Me” on the back. I made this in May 2018.


This is a thrifted Wrangler black denim jacket. I embroidered chain on the front and back of the jacket. On the front, I individually hand sewed on little silver rings on the pockets. I started this project in Spring 2018 and plan to continue adding embellishments as a documentation of this time in my life.

I made this chocker in spring 2018. Here is the link to my process and documentation – https://portfolio.newschool.edu/isabellelucente/2018/05/06/bridge-4-process-documentation-project-object-sustainabilitys-impact-on-our-lives-may-4-2018/

This was my first commissioned piece of clothing that I’ve made. I was given a stiff cotton to make the shirt. It is size 12 and has a button closure in the back. I used a pattern to make this.

This button down was apart of the same commission as the t-shirt. It was made with that same stiff cotton and I used a store bought pattern. It is long sleeved, has a collar, cuffs and nine hand sewn buttons. Both of these commissions were made in Winter 2017-18.

I bought this t-shirt and I created the design on the back with fabric paint. The background depicts a calm natural scene while in the foreground a menacing snake imposes on the utopia. This was made as a class assignment and you can check out my process and description here: https://portfolio.newschool.edu/isabellelucente/2017/10/16/composite-portrait/

I bought this shirt too and used fabric paint and pen to make the design on the back of the shirt. Both of these were made in the Fall of 2017.


This shirt is made from a cotton fabric with Barbie designs on it. The top is one long piece of fabric that crosses in the back and ties in the front. There’s also a scarf made of the same material that can be worn in many different ways, including as a chocker or tied in a bow. This top and scarf were made in Summer 2017.

The top was an old t-shirt that I already owned and I wanted to remake it so that I would wear it more.  Therefore I made it into a tube top and I used bleach to dye certain parts of it. I made this top in Summer 2017.

I made this skirt using draping. It has a hidden zipper on the side. I hand embroidered blue snakes with an orange chevron pattern on the front and orange snakes with blue chevron on the back. One white vertical line goes down the left and right side of the skirt. I worked on this skirt continuously throughout 2016-17.

I bought this flannel button down and embroidered the names of some of my favorite musicians on the back with purple thread. I also made some pointy, mountain like designs above the names and on the right front pocket. I worked on this jacket continuously from August 2016 to May 2017.

The first necklace starting from the top was made from black cord and silver chain. It has a moon charm hanging in the middle. I added the clasp and end chain to the cord. I made this in 2015 for my online store.

The rest of the necklaces were made in Spring 2017.

The second necklace was made from a metal dog leash. I attached the end clasp and pendant.

The third necklace was from the same dog leash. I attached the clasp and and the two big rings at the end.

The fourth necklace was already a necklace but it had charms hanging off it. I detached all the charms and added the clasp and end chain.

For the second one from the bottom, I attached the clasp and end chain to black cord. The gold loops in the middle were from a bracelet that I took apart and strung through the cord.

The last necklace at the bottom of the photo was made from a dog leash. I attached the clasp at the end and all the other pendants. I attached blue pendants in-between dangling chains that varied in length. The major adornment in the middle was from a necklace that I took apart and attached to the leash.

I made this jacket in the Winter of 2016-17. I created this jacket by draping. It is made from waxed cotton and quilted cotton. This piece is movable art with a social statement on the back. I ironed on a car and individually ironed the words “Don’t Text and Drive” on the back. The jacket has a quilted hood and pockets in the front. It has a black plastic zipper in the front and the small cars near the pockets were cut out from another piece of fabric.

This piece is called “Ex-Bellarina.” I made it in Winter 2016-17. All the materials in this piece were from a prom dress that I repurposed. This was made from draping and has a zipper on the side of the dress. This dress was tutu inspired but I put a grungy spin on it with the belt ends hanging low and uneven and the transparent sleeves. I modeled this with black eye shadow and a chocker, holding ballet shoes carelessly in my hand and ironically pointing my toe.

I had my own jewelry company from Fall 2014 to Spring 2016. It was called BisouBijoux. I advertised my products of flower crowns and chockers on Instagram. I mostly sold to people that went to my high school. I handmade all my products, took all the product photos, created the packaging and hand delivered my product. The Instagram page has since been deleted however I still do commissions.

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