For this photoshoot, I purchased some of the clothing pieces and reworked them. I hired and styled two models. Then I found the location and shot at dusk and night time. I wanted the patterns and colors of the model’s outfits to correlate with the background scenery.

For this look I had the model on the left where a long sleeve black turtleneck with an orange off the shoulder sweater. She is wearing a tight, blue and white horizontally striped skirt with black tights and white sandals. The model on the left is wearing a dyed long sleeve loose shirt with loose blue jeans. She is wearing nude heels and denim and gold necklaces. I like the composition of this photo with the very natural, textured scene and then these two fashionable ladies in the center. There wasn’t a meaning tied in with these locations or model’s poses. I simply chose outfits that color and texture wise related to the background scenery. However they are dressy enough to make the viewer wonder what the models are doing in this environment to begin with.


The model on the left is wearing a camouflage t-shirt dress with a small brown belt around her waist.  She is also wearing a ripped  beige button down with white sneakers and some chocker necklaces. The model on the right is wearing a green cut up sweater dress with thigh high grey boot and some gold and denim chocker necklaces.

For most of the photos I had the models look directly into the camera, expressionless. I wanted them to give off an eerie presence to force the viewer to develop their own story about what they are doing just standing in this wilderness.


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